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Monitor Price In Bangladesh 2022

Do You Need An Outsized, Crisp Image When Performing At Your Computer? Are You Worried About The Sticker Shock That Sometimes Comes With Top-Quality Monitors? Those Days Are Over. TVHUT BD Offers You To Style Monitors That Suit Your Budget And Supply The Premium Viewing Experience You Deserve. No More Grainy, Low Color-Quality Screens. We Have An Outsized Selection, So You'll Find The Right Monitor For Your Needs.

At-Home Computer Monitors

Home Monitors Got To Be Versatile Enough For A Good Range Of Activities. For Example, You Would Like A Display With Robust Color Quality And Crisp Resolution When Watching Netflix. Also, When Surfing Online At Different Times Of Day, The Collection Should Have Adjustable Brightness Controls That Match Your Lighting Conditions.

The Best Home Monitors Maximize Their Land With Space-Saving Designs That Do Not Clutter Your Bedroom Or Headquarters. Our Near-Edgeless Infinity Screens Make The Foremost Of Your Viewing Area, So You'll Take Full Advantage Of The Enormous Screen Size. In Addition, We Pride Ourselves On Superb Picture Quality, With A 99% SRGB Color Gamut On Several Models. When These Features Are Available At A Competitive Price, You Merely Can’t Beat Them.

Office And Residential Office Monitors

For Office Life, You Would Like A Knowledgeable Monitor That Gives Color Accuracy At A High Resolution. Companies Often Believe Intense Data And Graphics Applications Urge Work Done, So Your Monitor Must Be Ready To Handle Those Tasks. Lenovo Think Vision Monitors Offer An Incredible Resolution, Large Screen Sizes, And Multiple Ports, So You'll Work More Efficiently. Our Business Monitors Even Have Handy Features Like Touch Screens, Ergonomic Stands, And Quality Cameras. Don’t Let Your Monitor Substitute The Way Of Great Work.

Gaming Monitors

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG259QN  Is Often Sold Out For A Reason. It's One Of The Simplest Gaming Monitors On The Market, With A 24.5" Near-Edgeless WLED Screen And A Super-Fast Refresh Rate. Designed With AMD Free Sync Technology, The 1ms Reaction Time Minimizes Stuttering And Input Lag For A Silky Smooth Gaming Experience. But We All Know Gamers Crave Variety, So That’s Not The Sole Model To Settle On From. Gaming Monitor Is Taking The PC Gaming World By Storm With A Replacement And Vast Array Of Gaming PCs And Gaming Accessories. If You Would Like To Ascertain Every Little Detail Within The Moment, So You're Prepared For Whatever Comes Your Way, Look To Our Gaming Monitors. Our  4K Monitor, HDR Monitor, Curved Monitor, And 1ms Monitor Options Offer Both Visual Brilliance And Unparalleled Response Times.

Computer Monitor Deals

Buying A Powerful Monitor Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated Or Expensive. So To That End, We've Expanded Our Online Store With An Enormous Selection Of Third-Party Monitors From Respected Brands Including LG, Samsung, And BenQ. Please Browse Our Inventory Of Monitors Supported Group, Activity, Connections, Resolution, Ratio, And More To Seek The Most Exact Fit For Your Lifestyle. With The Proper Monitor Complementing Your PC, You'll Fully Realize Its Potential As A Business, Gaming, Or Everyday Machine.

Take A Glance Around. You Would Possibly Discover A Dream Monitor That You Didn't Even Know Existed. It’s Rare That You Simply Find Full HD And HDR Monitors That Deliver Cutting-Edge Performance For The Cash. Shop Our Monitor Deals Today  Available Exclusively At TVHUT BD

BenQ GW2280 22 Inch FHD Eye Care Stylish MonitorThe BenQ GW2280 22 Inch FHD Eye Care Stylish Monitor is a high-quality display device that is designed to offer a comfortable and immersive viewing experience. With its LED backlight technology and Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, this monitor p..
13,300৳ 14,200৳
Ex Tax:13,300৳
BenQ GW2283 21.5-inch Eye-care Stylish IPS MonitorThe BenQ GW2283 is a high-quality 21.5-inch monitor designed to deliver an immersive visual experience to users. This monitor boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution, making it perfect for streaming videos, browsing the web, or working on graphic-intensive t..
14,500৳ 15,800৳
Ex Tax:14,500৳
Xiaomi Redmi 1A 23.8 inch MonitorXiaomi Redmi 1A 23.8-inch Monitor – a seamless blend of cutting-edge display technology and sleek design that redefines your visual experience. This monitor boasts an array of impressive features, catering to both productivity and entertainment needs. Featuring a spa..
11,499৳ 12,202৳
Ex Tax:11,499৳
Out Of Stock
XIAOMI MI 1C 24 INCH IPS MONITORXiaomi Mi 1C 24 Inch IPS Monitor comes with a 24 Inch (1920x1080) FHD IPS Display. This latest Mi 1C monitor is featured with a 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 250cd/m2 Brightness (cd/m2), 1000:1 Contrast Ratio (TCR/DCR), 60Hz Refresh Rate, 6ms Response Time, 178 Degree Horizontal..
Ex Tax:14,000৳
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Monitor List Price in BD
BenQ GW2280 22 Inch FHD Eye Care Stylish Monitor 13,300৳
BenQ GW2283 21.5-inch Eye-care Stylish IPS Monitor 14,500৳
Xiaomi Redmi 1A 23.8 inch Monitor 11,499৳