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AC Price in Bangladesh in 2022 

AC price in Bangladesh is reasonable, especially when you come to us at TV HUT. We are bound to help you with quality products at a reasonable price. there are many people out there confused about the pricing range of Air Conditioner, I hope everything will be clear in a minute. TV HUT offers a safe and secure shopping experience for Best AC In Bangladesh. Top brands' 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, and 4 ton Air Conditioner are available here. Bangladesh is among the few nations in the world that may experience all four seasons, from the bitter cold and wind to the blazing heat of summer. Summer, in particular, lasts a long time and introduces us to temperatures that might be unpleasant at times. Fortunately, we now have consumer electronics in Bangladesh that can resist heat. Fans have existed for a long time and, for the most part, have performed their purpose successfully. However, some situations necessitate something more, and thus the air cooler concept was born. 

However, as air conditioners became more popular, this habit began to fade. We have a large selection of the best affordable air conditioners within your budget.

List of Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh

Air Conditioner List 

 Price in BD

GREE GS-18UGV410 1.5 TON AC 
Gree GSH-24PUV410 2.0 TonPular Split Type AC-H&C
Xiaomi Viomi A1 1.5 Ton Split Type Smart Air Conditioner
Haier 1.5 Ton HSU-18CTH/WSR1 Tundra Split AC
Haier 12CTC/WSR1 TurboCool AC
Haier HSU-12CTH/WSR1 Non-Inverter TurboCool AC
Haier HSU-12CTR/WSR 1 Ton Non-Inverter TurboCool AC43,990৳
Haier HSU12C-TC2SL CleanCool Inverter AC43,990৳
Haier HSU–12CTR/WSR 1 Ton Tundra AC43,990৳
Haier-18CTR-WSR1 Non-Inverter TurboCool AC58,490৳

What type of AC We Should Consider Before Purchasing?

Air conditioners of all varieties are great and must be purchased depending on the apartment's condition and budget.

There are two elements to a split air conditioner: 

  • external unit and 
  • indoor unit. 

Split air conditioners are both energy efficient and quiet to operate. Split air conditioners have a greater range of power adjustments than other air conditioners. For small homes and offices, a window air conditioner is recommended. The window air conditioner's compressor and evaporator are housed in the same unit. Portable air conditioners don't need to be installed and could be moved from one place to another.

What power AC We Should Consider Before Buying?

For a room up to 100 square feet, 1 ton of air conditioning is sufficient. A 1.5-ton air conditioner can freeze a room up to 150 square feet. A 2-ton air conditioner can cool up to 200 square feet. Although the air conditioner can freeze a larger area, this presumption will maintain the AC running smoothly by lowering the burden on the compressor.

Latest AC brands in 2022 at Cheap Rate

There are several air conditioner brands in BD with reasonable prices 

  1. Gree  Air Conditioner
  2. Daikin Air Conditioner
  3. General  Air Conditioner
  4. Carrier  Air Conditioner
  5. Haier  Air Conditioner
  6. Chigo  Air Conditioner
  7. Media Air Conditioner
  8. Xiaomi Air Conditioner

Purchase Air Conditioner From Us Through Online in BD

We provide you with the convenience of shopping for the Best AC In BD online from well-known manufacturers. You can buy your desired AC from TV HUT through online orders at a reasonable price. Customers can easily purchase from our site. 

You may find the lowest to highest air conditioner price with more offers and discounts from us at TV HUT. Order air conditioners online and have them delivered to Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong, and all over Bangladesh. Enjoy a lovely online shopping experience with us.

You can also get home delivery, brand guarantee, and no-cost EMI installation for top-brand Air Conditioners. 

Some Important Factors To Purchasing AC

There are also some things to consider before deciding on which Air Conditioner to purchase. They are as follows:


The capacity of the air conditioner you want to buy is determined by the size of the room or home and the maximum cooling capacity. For your air conditioner to run efficiently and last longer, it needs to be the proper size. The capacity of an air conditioner is determined by a variety of parameters, including room size, location, and the number of people. Before you buy an air conditioner, figure out how much tonnage or BTU you'll need for your home.

Energy efficiency: 

For air conditioners, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) standardizes star-rated energy efficiency ratings, often known as EER. Whenever you buy an air conditioner, check to see if it has an energy efficiency star rating. 

The higher the level of stars, the greater the air conditioner's efficiency. An air conditioner with a higher energy efficiency consumes less energy and thus helps you save money on your energy bills. Lower energy costs equal cost savings, therefore it's best to buy an air conditioner with a better star rating or increased energy efficiency.

Air Quality:

Indoor environmental quality is an essential consideration when purchasing an air conditioner. It's critical to have an air conditioner with a decent filter if you want to improve the air quality in your home. The air filters in your air conditioner help to remove germs and bacteria from the air, as well as smoke and smells.

Temperature control: 

The temperature and fans can be adjusted to achieve various temperature levels times of each day. The flexibility to establish variable pre-defined temperatures improves cooling efficiency while lowering energy consumption.


Before purchasing an air conditioner, examine the numerous models available based on specifications, performance, customer reviews, after-sales service comments, and other criteria. Make your final choice based on your needs and budget after a thorough comparison.


Purchase AC from TV HUT at Reasonable Price

  • To purchase your selected Air Conditioner within your budget in Bangladesh, go to TV HUT's shop or website. We provide quality over quantity.
  • The most common reason people use Air conditioners is because of relaxation during the summer season at peace.
  • These are the things to keep in mind when looking for an Air Conditioner in Bangladesh at the best price.
  • Our products are also delivered all over Bangladesh. We offer complete live support and after-sale services which we actually believe in.

  • Power supply: (220-240V)
  • COP: 3.15
  • EER: 10.811
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (min.~max.): 12000/5970 (5970~12000)
  • Indoor Operation Sound (dBA): 40/36/32/29/26
60,300৳ 61,650৳
Ex Tax:60,300৳
Daikin Inverter FTKL18TV16WD 1.5 TON Air Conditioner
Out Of Stock
  • Energy Saving during standby operation
  • Inverter
  • 3-D airflow
  • Auto fan speed
  • ECONO mode
  • Indoor unit ON/OFF switch
  • Vertical Auto Swing ( Up & Down )
  • Horizontal Auto Swing ( Left & Right )
  • R/C With Back Light
Ex Tax:0৳
  • Power supply: (220-240V)
  • COP: 2.95
  • EER: 10.04
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (min.~max.): 24200/12113(7200-25600)
94,000৳ 94,500৳
Ex Tax:94,000৳
  • 3-D airflow
  • Upto 75% Energy Saving
  • New comfort airflow mode (COANDA)
  • Indoor unit quiet operation
  • Outdoor unit quiet operation
  • ECONO mode
  • POWER CHILL operation
  • Child Lock
  • New Dry Mode Function
  • Vertical Auto Swing ( Up &am
102,600৳ 103,600৳
Ex Tax:102,600৳
  • Capacity: 18,000 Btu/Hr. (1.5 Ton)
  • Coverage: 121-180 Sft
  • Washable Air Purify Filters
  • Power Consumption: 2.20 KW
52,500৳ 54,500৳
Ex Tax:52,500৳
  • Air Conditioner Type : Hot and Cooling
  • Capacity of HEATING : Yes
  • Capacity of COOLING : 18000 BTU
  • Power Type/Voltage/Phase : 230V/50Hz
  • Input Power Consumption : 850
  • Cooling Mode : Yes
  • Refrigerant Type : R22
61,500৳ 63,000৳
Ex Tax:61,500৳
  • Air Conditioner Type : Hot and Cooling
  • Capacity of HEATING : Yes
  • Capacity of COOLING : 12000 BTU
  • Power Type/Voltage/Phase : 230V/50Hz
  • Input Power Consumption : 850
  • Country of Origin : China
37,000৳ 37,800৳
Ex Tax:37,000৳
  • Air Conditioner Type : Hot and Cooling
  • Capacity of HEATING : Yes
  • Capacity of COOLING : 12000 BTU
  • Power Type/Voltage/Phase : 230V/50Hz
46,000৳ 48,000৳
Ex Tax:46,000৳
  • Function: Cooling & Hot
  • Capacity BTU/hr: 24000-24900
  • Air Circulation (m3/h): 1300 m.
  • Airflow Distance: up to 15m
74,500৳ 76,000৳
Ex Tax:74,500৳
  • Capacity: 18000
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: IDU-991x313x399 mm / ODU-954x409x625 mm.
  • Display: Three Light
48,000৳ 58,490৳
Ex Tax:48,000৳
Haier HSU-18CTR/WSR1 1.5 Ton AC InBDHaier 1.5 Ton Tundra Air Conditioner HSU–18CTR/W The Air-Conditioner can be operated through Wi-Fi and Internet using a Smartphone from anywhere. Adjust double air store rotor blades, through move engine, can choose the route of air circulation. The eight left-rig..
57,000৳ 58,490৳
Ex Tax:57,000৳
Haier 12CTC/WSR1 TurboCool AC Haier 1 Ton Tundra Air Conditioner HSU-12CTC/WSR1 The Air-Conditioner can be operated through Wi-Fi and Internet using a Smartphone from anywhere. Adjust double air store rotor blades, through move engine, can choose the route of air circulation. The eight left-ri..
41,990৳ 43,990৳
Ex Tax:41,990৳
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