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Technology has become a part of our daily lives and for a huge portion of our life, we are dependent on tech products daily. There is hardly a home in Bangladesh without a tech product. This is where we come in. TV HUT is one of the most Television, Home Appliance shops in Bangladesh. TV HUT gained the trust of millions of users nationwide. TV HUT has come up with the widest and versatile collection of tech products considering every customer’s choice. TV HUT is also considered as the most popular E-Commerce for buying Television, Air Conditioner, Home Appliance, Gadgets, and electronic goods just by tapping


TV HUT has gained the trust and popularity of millions by providing industry-leading after-sale service, wise advocacy, and unbeatable price in the market. TvHut has many partnership affiliations with world-renowned tech brands like HP, Dell, Asus, MSI, Corsair, Samsung, LG and etc. ensures the quality and authenticity of products and services provided to the customer. TV HUT offers categories ranging from, Television, Air Conditioner, Home Appliance, Gadgets, cameras, smart devices, Monitors, and Accessories with the best price in Bangladesh.

Televisions or TVs are one of the most staple parts of our daily life. There is hardly a house in Bangladesh without a TV set in it. TVs do come in various shapes, sizes, types, and form factors. If you want to buy a new TV or upgrade your old one, it is fairly easy to get television from any Television shop. You can even buy your TV online from any trusted E-commerce site. If you want to buy the Best TV from any shop in BD; you can easily go to any well-known Shop or E-commerce site to get your desired TV. Most mention-worthy Brands and series are Starex NB, Starex GS, Haier L, Mi 4A ANDROID SMART TV, Samsung T, Samsung N, Sony Bravia, Haier LE, Xiaomi MI 4A Horizon Edition, Xiaomi MI 4X, Sony Bravia W, Mi 4S, Xiaomi Mi P, Starex 4K double glass, Sony BRAVIA 4K UHD, LG IPS UHD 4K TVs, Samsung Crystal UHD 4K, Sony KD 4K edition, Samsung Q, Samsung 8K QLED, Sony KDL, and many more.

Types of TV available for you to Buy

Before you make up your mind and make the final purchase; you must know what type of TV is available in the market. So that you can decide what TV you should buy. There are different types of TVs available in the market at various price ranges. All these TVs support variable refresh rates ranging from 60 Hz up to 240 Hz. Basic LED TV is the most common and affordable TV in the market. These TVs are a great choice if you have a low budget or you want to buy a cheap basic TV. The second type is LED and LCD combination sets; Most Televisions today are some types of LED and LCD combination. They use special LCD panels with an LED light at the back. They have fewer screen variations available. Namely OLED and QLED. OLED TVs use Organic Light-Emitting Diodes which emit light in response to electric charge. These TVs last very long. These are best suited for you if you have a mid-range budget and want better picture quality. LEDs or Quantum Light Emitting Diodes are the next generations of LCDs. They use very small nanoparticles known as Quantum Dots which significantly improve output quality, brightness, and color. These TVs are very expensive.

TV Box

One of the most exciting home entertainment trends in recent years has been that of media players for TVs. These fun and versatile devices allow your televisions to connect to the internet, and they let you create your own schedules for enjoying movies, sports, and other programs.
With streaming media players, you can tap into a rich array of programming from Netflix, Amazon, and other providers. You're no longer bound to one cable company, and each family member can choose his or her own choice of entertainment on demand.
A smart TV is essentially any television that can access the internet. For this reason, they were initially named "connected TVs." Being internet-enabled devices, smart TVs can stream programs from media services such as YouTube, as well as function as web browsers. Depending on the model, these televisions can also run apps that allow them to connect to on-demand video services and various premium streaming sites. Technically, then, your smart TV obviates the need for separate streaming media players. That said, many smart TV owners choose to invest in dedicated media players, as these tend to be far more powerful and polished than the systems built into smart TVs. This is especially true for media players from major providers such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Roku, which are optimized for their apps.

Air Purifier

The elements we have in our surrounding nature play a very much critical part in our lives and in the way we live. Among all the elements, the air is the one that we cannot live without. But it is not enough for us to live a healthy life without having to have any concern about the air we are breathing every second. If we are breathing fresh air then it can be crucially dangerous for our health. We always try to keep ourselves and our family out of any harm’s way. From that point of view, it is our duty to make sure that every person in our family gets to breathe clean air. But it has become quite a challenge to ensure this in an industrial age like the present time. In a developing country like Bangladesh with all its industrialization and urbanization, harmful particles are continuously mixing with the air we are breathing. According to several research results, the air of Bangladesh is has a high level of harmful particles which can cause life-threatening outcomes for us. So it is high time for us to take a step towards giving our loved ones the fresh air to breathe in without having to worry.

Clothes ironing machines come in different sizes and have different features that make ironing easier and time-saving. You can even carry some of these iron boxes with you so that you can iron your clothes wherever you go. Some of the brands of iron boxes that you can find online are Philips, Bajaj, Usha, Nova Plus, Havells, Crompton Greaves, and many more. 

Power Bank

A Power Bank is a great utility that lets you charge your smartphone, tabs, and other devices without a power socket. You can charge it in advance so that it stores sufficient power to charge your devices when you are traveling or away from an AC outlet. You should choose a Power Bank wisely because a low-quality power bank can ruin your electric device. Star Tech provides all popular and reliable power banks namely ADATA, Apacer, HP, Huawei, Rapoo, TP-Link, and XIAOMI in Bangladesh. You can check the prices of power banks in BD from our Star Tech website and get your desired product delivered to your doorstep at the lowest cost.