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Original Xiaomi MI Earphone available at the best price in BD

Xiaomi has gained widespread popularity in the modern technology market because of their premium quality products like Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart TV boxes, Electric appliances, and many more. But among all these product line-ups Xiaomi has gained special consumer praise for their Earphone and wireless earbuds. These earphones are budget-friendly while maintaining premium aesthetics.

Notable Xiaomi Earphone series available in 2021

In case you are planning on buying a good quality earphone for your laptop, Tablet PC, Smartphone, or smart TV then you should consider one from any of these series available. The Available Xiaomi MI Earphone series are Xiaomi SD series 3.5mm Magnetic Earphone, Xiaomi Haylou GT3 Pro TWS, Xiaomi Haylou GT6 TWS, Xiaomi Mi Piston HS series Type-C, Xiaomi QCY-M10 series TWS, Xiaomi MI Mini Single In-Ear Bluetooth Earbud, Xiaomi Haylou GT2S Bluetooth Dual Earbuds, Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro TWS, Xiaomi Haylou T15 Bluetooth Earbuds, Xiaomi Mi TWS Basic 2S, Xiaomi TWSE BT Basic, Xiaomi Haylou T19 TWS, Xiaomi Amazfit Power Buds, Xiaomi MI QT Dual Driver 3.5mm Magnetic Earphone, Xiaomi Mi HS 3.5mm Earphone Basic, Xiaomi DDQ 3.5mm Earphone, Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2, Xiaomi Mi Basic 2 TWS, Xiaomi Mi QT Pro HD 3.5mm Earphone, Xiaomi Mi Redmi TWS Air Dots S, Xiaomi MI True In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds Basic, Xiaomi Haylou GT3 TWS, Xiaomi YD Bluetooth Sports Earphone, Xiaomi Mi Air Dots Dual, Xiaomi Mi JZ ANC 3.5mm Earphone, Xiaomi Mi TWS, Mi Basic 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and many more.

Affordable earphones with premium sound quality

Xiaomi MI earphones are made with the best materials available. This is why they have assured build quality. Although these earphones deliver a premium sound quality they do cost very little considering the build. Xiaomi has two main types of earphones available. The first and the most common is the wired variants. These earphones have a sturdy build for prolonged use and they utilize a 3.5 mm jack for connectivity. Although latest models use a USB Type C port instead of the 3.5 mm Audio Jack. The wireless Xiaomi earphones have two main types. One is called the sports earphones or neckbands and the other type is called True wireless Stereo Airphones or TWS for short. Both of these earphones have built-in microphones and they utilize Bluetooth for connectivity. These earphones are powered by a battery of various capacities ranging from 200mAh up to 1000mAh. Most Xiaomi wireless earphones are charged with micro USB charging ports. Some premium models have USB-type C charging ports. These earphones also have active smart noise cancellation. The battery backup is longer and the charging time is faster.

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