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Smartphone Price in Bangladesh

Smartphone prices in Bangladesh are reasonable now rather than in the 90 century.

The very first version of smartphones hit the market in the mid-twentieth century. Nokia's N series cellphones helped the company maintain its advantage. During the first-generation smartphone era, BlackBerry was another well-known brand. 

There were still no touchscreens, applications, or other features, and those gadgets could only do so much. Since the 3G network arrived in Bangladesh in 2012, internet access was steadily becoming more popular, but it was still only feasible via a significantly slower GPRS technology. 

The early cellphones were well-designed, with better camera quality and more internal capacity. The major functions of those devices were to store images, MP3 audio files, MP4 or video files, numerous ringtones, mobile themes, and so on, in addition to making 2G calls, sending SMS, and MMS.

In the late 1990s, mobile phones were more popular in Bangladesh. In comparison to today's phones, the earliest phones were enormous. The phone had an antenna on top, and because of their weight, they were rather difficult to carry. These were known as "brick phones" in the industry. A phone could only be used for one thing: making calls. However, these phones were rather expensive, and owning such a basic mobile phone at the time was quite respectable. These phones are no longer available for purchase.

Nowadays smartphones are more reasonable prices with amazing updated features.

List of Smartphone Prices in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 (6GB+128GB)                                  30,999৳

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 (6GB+256GB)                              33,999৳


Latest Smart TV brands in 2022 at a Cheap Rate

There are several smartphone brands in BD with reasonable prices 

Smartphone Features

Along with the budget, you need to focus on features that are compatible with your expected price

There are some important smartphone features that are

  • Internet access

  • A browser for mobile devices

  • The capability to sync several email accounts with a single device

  • Embedded memory

  • A QWERTY keyboard that is either hardware or software-based.

  • Syncing with other devices, such as laptops or desktop PCs, wirelessly

  • The capacity to download and run software independently

  • Third-party application support

  • The capacity to run various programs at the same time

  • Touchscreen

  • Wi-Fi

  • A digital camera that can usually record video.

  • Gaming

  • Consistent Messaging

  • GPS

Some Important Factors To Purchasing Smart Phone

There are also some things to consider before deciding on which Smart Phone to purchase. They are as follows:


Are you the type of user that frequently has many apps open at the same time? Do you think you'll be a heavy user of video-streaming applications or video games in the future? Battery life is reduced when you spend a lot of time online. If you fall into this category, you should look for a phone that has a long-lasting battery.


Ram and Read-Only Rom are the two types of memory found in smartphones (ROM). RAM, in combination with your phone's processor (see below), influences the phone's speed and ease of use. The most common term for storage is read-only memory (ROM). This is the memory that stores the operating system, apps, as well as all of the videos, images, and music that you want to save on the phone.


In-built cameras on smartphones are generating a lot of buzz, with manufacturers competing to deliver the most megapixels. Don't be fooled by this. A camera with greater megapixels does not automatically produce superior photographs. Aside from megapixels, parameters like ISO settings, aperture, and autofocus speed all play a role in photo quality. If you plan on taking a lot of photos, choose a phone with a 12 or 16 MP camera with an aperture of f/2.0 or lower, which will give you good photographs even in low light. If you're not planning on using the camera frequently, a phone with an 8-12 MP camera and an aperture of f/2.2 should be enough.


Processors, like smartphone cameras, are surrounded by terminology such as results are more accurate, octa-core, Snapdragon, MediaTek, and so on. Here's a quick rule of thumb: Take a look at the processor speed, which is measured in GigaHertz (GHz). The faster the processor, the higher the speed. Choose a speedier CPU if you want to perform a lot of photo/video editing, play online games, or stream videos.

Operating System

There are just two options for operating systems (OS): Android or iOS. If you choose iOS, you will automatically be given an Apple iPhone. The Android operating system is used by all other smartphone manufacturers. This, however, comes with a bewildering assortment of names and variants. Manufacturers frequently change the Android OS to add features, which might result in bloatware, slowing down the phone. So, before you make a decision, give the phone a try.

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The most common reason people use mobile phones is to stream recordings, online activities, and other on-demand entertainment from services like Netflix, etc. but these phones can also do a lot more. 

These are the things to keep in mind when looking for a Smartphone in Bangladesh at the best price.

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Why You Should Choose TV HUT For Smartphone

TV HUT is one of the best places that provide both official and unofficial prices, as well as advantages and disadvantages of a phone (that is, why you should and shouldn't buy a phone). We also attempt to include a video review so that you can get the most accurate information about a smartphone and decide whether or not to buy it. 

So, let's take a look at the most recent Smartphone prices in Bangladesh in 2022. 

We wish to assist you in purchasing a high-quality authentic smartphone that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

Final Words

In 2008, HTC released the HTC Dream, one of the first Android smartphones. Following the launch of Bangladesh's 3G network in 2013, Android phones began to gain popularity among Bangladeshis. 

After this year, Chinese businesses such as Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oneplus, and others released Android smartphones that drew widespread notice. Walton and Symphony, a Bangladeshi firm, attracted a lot of attention for their smartphones in the early days of the Android market since they offer low-cost smartphones with good features. 

After debuting their Android handsets, the South Korean corporation Samsung has become the leading Android smartphone producer. The Google Pixel is one of the most valuable phones on the Android market, offering excellent features at a reasonable price.

  • app drawer
  • Split screen
  • Mini-windows
30,999৳ 31,999৳
Ex Tax:30,999৳
 Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 (6GB+256GB)Enhance your entertainment and work experience Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 (6GB+256GB) large 11" screen, stylish design and top-of-the-line configuration is guaranteed to meet your needs across a wide range of scenarios. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 860 and 120Hz high refresh ..
Ex Tax:33,999৳
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