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Portable UV Sterilizer Disinfection Box

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● Product Size: 230 X 130 X 50mm/9.06 X 5.12 X 1.97“
● Applicable Gender: Unisex
● Packing Size: 240 X 140 X 60mm/9.45 X 5.51 X 2.36“
● Features: Simple, practical, wear-resistant, waterproof, breathable,



Portable UV Sterilizer Disinfection Box Details:

Specifications of the Product:

Features of the Product:
● Super-Fast Sanitation – 3 minutes: It only takes 3 minutes to Protect Yourself and Your
Surroundings to stay clean. Press the coating button, the device
will tell you that the disinfectant is starting to work. When the
LED indicators reach 100%, the device stops automatically. At
the same time, the device will inform you that the disinfection is
● UV Disinfectant for Mobile Phones: Equipped with two UV sterilization bulbs, it can completely kill
99.99% of germs. This disinfectant is compatible with Cell
Phones up to 7 inches such as: iPhone, Nexus, LG, Sony, HTC,
Huawei etc. It can also disinfect Masks, Glasses, Jewelry,
Toothbrushes, Watches, Headphones, Pacifiers, Keys and any
other small items.
● Aromatherapy Function: Not only can the cell phone disinfectant keep your belongings safe from
Germs, but our UV sterilizer works as an Aromatherapy Diffuser. Just add
a few drops of your favorite Aroma Inside, Press the (incense) Button,
the device will tell you that it starts working and will stop automatically
when finished.
● Portable and Easy to Use: You can take it with you anytime and anywhere to protect yourself and
your loved ones. A single button to start the disinfection function and
the Aromatherapy Function, and an LED indicator to show you the
progress of the work.
Description of Product in Little Details as Follows:
Multifunction Portable UV Sterilizer Disinfection Box Makeup Brush Manicure Mask Ultraviolet
Cleaning Germicidal Sterilization Case.


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