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Product modelNA-F100B5
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Dimensions 595 x 641 x 995 mm
Capacity 10 kg
Color White
Others Spin Speed: 710 RPM
9 Automatic Washing Programs as Appropriate for the Fabric



  • Eco Aquabeat Technology. Washable with Dancing Water Flow & Foam Wash.
  • Save Water with New Shower Rinse & Aqua Spin Rinse
  • Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Washing Capacity: 10 kg
  • Spin Speed: 710 RPM
  • 9 Automatic Washing Programs as Appropriate for the Fabric
  • Air Dry Spin Dry System. Allow the Fabric to Dry Faster.
  • Aqua Crystal Glass Durable Glass Cover
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto Power Off Save Energy
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Product PANASONIC WASHING MACHINE - INVERTER -NA-F100B5 Sharp Freezer SJC-318-WH 310 Liters - White Samsung WA90T5260BYUTL 9 kg Top Loading Washing machine Samsung RB21KMFH5UT/D3 218 Liter Bottom Mount Refrigerator (Purple)
Image PANASONIC WASHING MACHINE - INVERTER -NA-F100B5 Sharp Freezer SJC-318-WH 310 Liters - White Samsung WA90T5260BYUTL 9 kg Top Loading Washing machine Samsung RB21KMFH5UT/D3 218 Liter Bottom Mount Refrigerator (Purple)
Price 48,500৳ 51,900৳ 47,500৳ 56,900৳ 43,900৳ 52,900৳ 40,990৳
Model NA-F100B5 SJC-318-WH Samsung WA90T5260BYUTL RB21KMFH5UT-D3
Brand Panasonic Sharp Samsung Samsung
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Summary PANASONIC WASHING MACHINE - INVERTER -NA-F100B5Features:Eco Aquabeat Technology. Washable with Dancing Water Flow & Foam Wash.Save Water with New Shower Rinse & Aqua Spin RinseFully Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineWashing Capacity: 10 kgSpin Speed: 710 RPM9 Automatic Washing Programs as Appropriate for the FabricAir Dry Spin Dry System. Allow the Fabric to Dry Faster.Aqua Crystal Glass Durable Glass CoverAuto RestartAuto Power Off Save Energy.. Sharp Freezer SJC-318-WH 310 Liters - WhiteSHARP Freezer SJC-318-WH is available at Get the original SHARP freezers at the most affordable price only at and enjoy the Japan quality with the promise of best customer service in Bangladesh.SHARP deep fridges are made with the utmost care at world class factories to ensure a premium build quality and optimum cooling efficiency. These freezers are equipped with energy saving refrigerant to make sure that you don’t need to worry about energy consumption. LED Lighting gives you the finest lighting solution so that you can use the freezer effortlessly even at the dead of the night. And the Key Lock features enables maximum safety and security... Samsung WA90T5260BYUTL 9 kg Top Loading Washing machineGentle clothes careWobble TechnologyStop clothes from getting tangled up and damaged. Wobble technology provides gentle care of fabrics. Its Wobble pulsators generate a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents tangles, twists and knots. It also gently and thoroughly cleans your garments with its increased washing power.Sanitizes clothesHygiene SteamGive laundry an intensive and hygienic clean with hot water and steam. The Hygiene Steam cycle* washes as 60°C to sanitize clothes, eliminate 99.9%" of bacteria** and remove stubborn and oily stains.Dissolves detergentMagic DispenserWash without worrying about residual detergent. A Magic Dispenser creates a powerful water vortex. It dissolves liquid and powder detergent and disperses it evenly before a wash cycle starts. So it keeps the detergent box clean and minimizes the risk of any residue being left on your clothes*.Intensive cleaningIntensive WashGet clothes spotlessly clean, even if they’re really dirty. The Intensive Wash can be used in any course to remove stubborn stains, like blood, tea, wine, make-up and grass. It quickly pre-mixes detergent and helps water to penetrate deep into the fabric. So dirt is removed more effectively.Smelling is believingDeep SoftenerEnsure your clothes smell sweeter for longer. The Deep Softener option maximizes the effect of softener by optimizing the rinsing algorithm. So the fragrance lasts longer with the same amount of softener. This reduces waste, as you don’t need to exceed the normal dosage or add a soaking course.Powerful filtrationMagic FilterKeep unsightly speckles off your whites and darks, and protect your drainage from getting clogged up. A Magic Filter gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your laundry, so clothes always appear spotlessly clean. And it’s easy to empty, so you can keep it working efficiently.Easy troubleshootingSmart CheckAvoid the cost and inconvenience of a broken machine. Smart Check is an automatic error-monitoring system that you can use anytime, anywhere with a smartphone App*. It detects and diagnoses problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions – saving you time and money on repairs**.Easy closing doorSoft Closing DoorAvoid being frightened by unexpected bangs! The Soft Closing Door shuts safely, gently and silently, as a damper automatically slows its movement. A tempered glass window also lets you view your washing without lifting the lid. And it’s durable and strong, so it won’t get scratched or damaged.Keeps the tub cleanEco Tub CleanKeep your top load washer fresh and hygienically clean, while being eco-friendly and saving money. The Eco Tub Clean course removes dirt that can build-up in the drum and around the door gasket without harsh or costly detergent. And it will even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning*Soft on your clothesDiamond DrumProtect clothes from being damaged.The Diamond Drum’s unique “soft curl” design washes clothes very effectively, while treating them with care.Its smooth, diamond-shaped ridges are gentle on even delicate items. The small water exit holes also prevent fabric from becoming trapped and damaged.Easy, safer controlsRear ControlEasily and intuitively use your washer without worrying about splashing water on the digital panel. A slanted Rear Control means the controls are really easy to see, even from a distance, and are protected from water splashes... Samsung RB21KMFH5UT/D3 218 Liter Bottom Mount RefrigeratorThe Samsung RB21KMFH5UT-D3 Mount Refrigerator is a stylish and efficient appliance designed to meet your cooling and storage needs. With its sleek exterior and modern features, this refrigerator seamlessly blends into any kitchen decor.Featuring a total capacity of X liters, this refrigerator offers ample space to store all your groceries and beverages. The well-designed interior layout includes adjustable shelves, door bins, and drawers, allowing you to customize the storage arrangement to suit your needs. The shelves are made of durable tempered glass, providing stability and easy cleaning.The RB21KMFH5UT-D3 Mount Refrigerator is equipped with Samsung's advanced cooling technology, ensuring that your food stays fresh for longer. The Twin Cooling Plus system uses separate airflows for the refrigerator and freezer compartments, maintaining optimal humidity levels and preventing odors from mixing. This helps to preserve the natural flavors and textures of your food.Efficiency is a key feature of this refrigerator. It is powered by a digital inverter compressor, which adjusts its speed according to the cooling demands, resulting in energy savings and reduced noise levels. The appliance also has an energy-efficient LED lighting system that illuminates the interior brightly while consuming minimal power.With user convenience in mind, Samsung has incorporated several smart features into this refrigerator. The Digital Display on the exterior allows you to easily control the temperature settings and access additional functions. The Power Cool and Power Freeze options provide a quick and efficient way to cool or freeze items, perfect for when you need to rapidly chill beverages or freeze fresh produce.The RB21KMFH5UT-D3 Mount Refrigerator also prioritizes food safety and hygiene. It features an advanced air purifying system that removes unpleasant odors and bacteria, keeping your fridge clean and fresh. The appliance is equipped with a built-in deodorizing filter that eliminates unwanted smells and ensures that your food remains odor-free.In terms of design, this refrigerator boasts a contemporary look with clean lines and a stainless steel finish. The recessed handles not only contribute to its modern aesthetic but also enhance usability and make opening the doors effortless.In summary, the Samsung RB21KMFH5UT-D3 Mount Refrigerator is a high-quality appliance that combines functionality, style, and efficiency. With its spacious interior, intelligent cooling technology, smart features, and sleek design, it is an excellent addition to any kitchen, providing you with reliable and convenient refrigeration for your daily needs.FeaturesCapacity: With a gross total capacity of 218 liters, this refrigerator provides ample space for storing your food and beverages.Bottom Mount Design: The refrigerator compartment is located at the top, while the freezer compartment is situated at the bottom. This arrangement makes it more convenient to access frequently used items in the refrigerator section without bending down.Mono Cooling System: The mono cooling system ensures even and consistent cooling throughout the refrigerator, helping to keep your food fresh for longer periods.Tact Display: The refrigerator is equipped with a tact display featuring blue LED lights. This display allows you to easily control and adjust the settings, such as temperature and mode selection.Energy Efficiency: The RB21KMFH5UT/D3 model uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a, which has a lower impact on the ozone layer. It is also designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills.Digital Inverter Compressor: The refrigerator is equipped with a digital inverter compressor, which provides efficient and reliable cooling performance. It adjusts its speed according to the cooling demand, resulting in lower energy consumption, quieter operation, and a longer compressor lifespan.Freezer and Fridge Compartments: The refrigerator offers a net freezer capacity of 70 liters and a net fridge capacity of 142 liters. This allows you to store a variety of frozen items and fresh groceries separately.Warranty: The digital inverter compressor comes with a 10-year warranty, while the spare parts and service have a warranty period of 2 years. This warranty coverage provides peace of mind and protection for your investment.Sleek Design: The RB21KMFH5UT/D3 features a stylish pebble blue color, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. The compact dimensions (546mm width, 1584mm height with hinge, and 610mm depth with door handle) make it suitable for smaller spaces.These specifications and features make the Samsung RB21KMFH5UT/D3 Bottom Mount Refrigerator a reliable and convenient appliance for keeping your food fresh and organized...

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