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Product modelDH-3MP1MW
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Dimensions 420 x 185 x 85mm
Color White
Power 240 A.C
Power Consumption 3.6 kw
Others Water Pressure: Max - 380kPa / Min - 4.9kPa
Water Power Stop System: One Push Stop System
Electric Power Control
Water Temperature Control: Inlet Temp. ~Max
Booster Pump: DC Pump
Weight 2.8kg


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Product PANASONIC INSTANT WATER HEATER WITH JET PUMP DH-3MP1MW Midea 80 Liter Geyser (MHG-80L) Samsung CE76JD-M 21 Liter Convection Microwave Oven PANASONIC MJ-DJ31 600 WATT JUICER BLENDER
Image PANASONIC INSTANT WATER HEATER WITH JET PUMP DH-3MP1MW Midea 80 Liter Geyser (MHG-80L) Samsung CE76JD-M 21 Liter Convection Microwave Oven PANASONIC MJ-DJ31 600 WATT JUICER BLENDER
Price 22,300৳ 28,000৳ 21,999৳ 25,900৳ 21,990৳ 22,500৳ 21,600৳
Model DH-3MP1MW MHG-80L CE76JD-M-21 L MJ-DJ31
Brand Panasonic Midea Samsung Panasonic
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Summary PANASONIC INSTANT WATER HEATER WITH JET PUMP DH-3MP1MW.. Midea 80 Liter Geyser (MHG-80L)The Midea 80 Liter Geyser (MHG-80L) is a pinnacle of efficiency and comfort, designed to transform your daily routine into a luxurious experience. With its robust 80-liter capacity, this geyser offers an abundance of hot water, catering perfectly to both residential and commercial settings. Crafted by Midea, a renowned brand synonymous with innovation and reliability, this geyser embodies top-notch quality and cutting-edge technology. Its versatility shines through in its design, available in both horizontal and vertical configurations to seamlessly integrate into any space. The incorporation of a copper heating element ensures rapid and efficient heating, guaranteeing that you'll have a warm, invigorating shower right when you need it. Equipped with a pressure valve, it maintains optimal water pressure, enhancing the overall bathing experience. Midea prides itself on eco-conscious engineering, and the MHG-80L exemplifies this commitment with a remarkable 60% energy-saving capability. This not only contributes to lower utility bills but also minimizes environmental impact. The geyser's advanced features elevate convenience and safety. An auto thermostat system intelligently regulates water temperature, automatically switching off the heater once the desired temperature is reached, preventing overheating. Moreover, its thick magnesium anode works diligently to purify water from iron impurities, ensuring a clean and refreshing shower every time. One of the standout characteristics of the MHG-80L is its exceptional heat retention capability, keeping water hot for over 24 hours. This means you can indulge in warm showers at your convenience without worrying about dwindling temperatures. Trusted globally, Midea water heaters are favored in Europe, North America, and other developed regions, attesting to their reliability and superior performance. In summary, the Midea 80 Liter Geyser (MHG-80L) embodies the perfect blend of technology, efficiency, and comfort. Whether it's kickstarting your morning or unwinding after a long day, this geyser ensures a consistent and delightful hot water supply, making it an indispensable addition to any modern household or commercial space.Here's a concise list highlighting the key features of the Midea 80 Liter Geyser (MHG-80L):Capacity: Generous 80-liter capacity for ample hot water supply.Type: Available in both horizontal and vertical configurations to suit various installation needs.Heating Element: Equipped with a durable copper heating element for rapid and efficient water heating.Pressure Valve: Includes a pressure valve to maintain optimal water pressure for a satisfying shower experience.Power Consumption: Operates at 2000W power consumption, balancing performance with energy efficiency.Color: Comes in a pristine white finish, complementing modern interiors.Global Recognition: Trusted and used in Europe, North America, and other developed countries, attesting to its quality.Energy Efficiency: Boasts an impressive 60% energy-saving feature, reducing utility costs while being environmentally friendly.Long-lasting Heat: Keeps water hot for more than 24 hours, ensuring a consistent supply of warm water.Auto Thermostat: Incorporates an intelligent auto thermostat that switches off the heater once the water reaches the desired temperature, preventing overheating.Water Purity: Features a thick magnesium anode that effectively cleans water from iron impurities, providing clean and refreshing showers... Samsung CE76JD-M 21Liter Convection Microwave Oven Triple Distribution SystemA conventional wave distribution system distributes microwaves from a single Aperture Antenna. This Aperture Antenna has high efficiency but low distribution capacity. In this case, microwaves are concentrated to a particular part of the food. To overcome this problem, Samsung developed TDS, which cooks every part of the food evenly with an Aperture Antenna as well as two additional slot antennas so that waves can be more widely distributed. Efficient emission of microwaves translates into better cooked food. Models with this triple distribution system will bring the benefit of more even cooking to customers unhappy with the performance of their old microwave ovens.High Scratch ResistanceCeramic Enamel’s hard-wearing and durable qualities make it more than 7 times scratch and rust resistant than other microwave interiors. So, you can enjoy the same new interior even after long use.Full Glass & Pattern DesignSamsung Giant offers a choice of three colors so that you can match with your other appliance. Sleek pattern design also lets you enjoy beauty in your kitchen.Easy to CleanThe fully coated with Ceramic Enamel Interior offers solid surface that never scratches and cracks. Moreover, it prevents the bacteria and the smooth surface is easily to clean as well.Anti Bacterial ProtectionThe Samsung Ceramic Enamel Interior is hygienic and durable surface prevent from bacteria... PANASONIC MJ-DJ31 600 WATT JUICER BLENDERDrink fresh juice every day, for your health. It's Easy-to-make delicious and fresh juice is an efficient way to take in dietary fiber and vitamins, to support your daily health.Precise and Durable Full Metal SpinnerThe Full Metal Spinner’s S-Shaped Cutter firmly holds fruit in place as it is being juiced, and centrifugal force works to eject the pulp. It squeezes more efficiently because the fruit doesn’t spin. Thorough extraction is achieved by the Low-Angle Cutter, and the fine Filter Mesh separates the juice from the pulp so you always get a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink Large Feeding TubeThe feeding tube has a 75-mm diameter, large enough to fit whole fruits and veggies, so there’s no need to cut them into small pieces. The large-capacity, 2-liter pulp container lets you make a lot of juice, one after the other.120-degree Swivel SpoutWhen several people are sitting around the table, they can simply move the spout toward themselves for easy pouring.Two-Speed ControlThe powerful max. locked wattage 800-watt makes juicing quick and easy and two-speed control let you adjust the power to match the hardness of the ingredients.Drip StopSimply lift the spout after using it to stop any juice from dripping.Enjoy a Richer Variety of BeverageThe exchangeable Blender Mug and Dry Mill give this single appliance a 3-in-1 capability. This lets you make smoothies packed with dietary fiber by including fruit peels and the hard cores of vegetables. The Dry Mill lets you enjoy rich, robust coffee from freshly ground beans, as well as a variety of spices..

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