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Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S Heavy Duty 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter Air Conditioner
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Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S Heavy Duty 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

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Product modelMitsubishi SRK-24CS-S
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Ex Tax: 89,000৳
Air Conditioner
Capacity(BTU) 24000 BTU
AC Type Cooling
Airflow 22.0 (Indoor unit) m3/min
38.0 (Outdoor unit) m3/min
Capacity 2.0 Ton
Color White
Dimensions INDOOR (H X W X D) (MM) 339 x 1197 x 262
OUTDOOR (H X W X D) (MM) 640 x 850(+65) x 290
Display Hidden LED
Energy Saving Rating 11.16
Power supply (Ph,V,Hz 220-240/1/50
Refrigerant Type R410A
Technology non-inverter
Weight INDOOR (KG) 16
Warranty Information
Warranty Electrical Spare Parts: 2 Years Compressor: 2 Years Free Service: 3 Years

Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S Heavy Duty 2.0 Ton Air Conditioner

  • 1.5 HP DC Inverter (R410A)
  • Capacity: 12000BTU/1.0 Ton
  • Energy Saving 60 percent
  • 24 Hour ionizer without power supply
  • 24 Hour On-Off Timer
  • 5 star Energy Saving
  • Back Up Switch
  • Auto restart
  • Luminous Button
  • Natural Solar Filter
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Product Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S Heavy Duty 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter Air Conditioner Samsung AR18CVFYAWK1FE Step-Up 1.5 Ton Digital Inverter Air Conditioner Midea MCM-36CRN1 3 Ton Cassette Type Air Conditioner Gree GS-24XPUV32 Pular Split Type Inverter (2.0 TON) Air Conditioner
Image Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S Heavy Duty 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter Air Conditioner Samsung AR18CVFYAWK1FE Step-Up 1.5 Ton Digital Inverter Air Conditioner Midea MCM-36CRN1 3 Ton Cassette Type Air Conditioner Gree GS-24XPUV32 Pular Split Type Inverter (2.0 TON) Air Conditioner
Price 110,900৳ 89,000৳ 109,900৳ 89,900৳ 99,000৳ 91,000৳ 95,000৳ 93,990৳
Model Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S AR18CVFYAWK1FE MCM-36CRN GS-24XPUV32
Brand Mitsubishi Samsung Midea Gree
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Summary Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S Heavy Duty 2.0 Ton Air Conditioner1.5 HP DC Inverter (R410A)Capacity: 12000BTU/1.0 TonEnergy Saving 60 percent24 Hour ionizer without power supply24 Hour On-Off Timer5 star Energy SavingBack Up SwitchAuto restartLuminous ButtonNatural Solar Filter.. Samsung AR18CVFYAWK1FE Step-Up 1.5 Ton Digital Inverter Air ConditionerThe Samsung AR18CVFYAWK1FE Step-Up 1.5 Ton Digital Inverter Air Conditioner offers cutting-edge features and efficient cooling performance for a comfortable indoor environment. Boasting AI Auto Cooling and Wi-Fi connectivity, it brings convenience to your fingertips, allowing you to control it with a touch or even voice commands. Equipped with Digital Inverter Boost technology, this air conditioner ensures rapid cooling while maintaining energy efficiency. Its DuraFin™ Plus Copper Condenser enhances durability and heat transfer efficiency, ensuring long-term performance. Fast Cooling capabilities make it ideal for quickly cooling down spaces, while the Copper Anti-bacterial Filter promotes cleaner air by capturing and eliminating harmful particles. The 3-step Auto Clean feature simplifies maintenance, ensuring the unit stays fresh and free from mold or bacteria buildup. With SmartThings compatibility and a range of operating modes including Auto, Eco, and Good Sleep, this air conditioner adapts to your needs while consuming minimal power. The unit operates quietly with noise levels as low as 28 dBA indoors, ensuring minimal disruption. Its sleek design and compact dimensions make installation hassle-free, and with Wi-Fi embedded and SmartThings app support, managing your indoor climate has never been easier. Whether you're seeking efficient cooling, smart functionality, or user-friendly features, the Samsung AR18CVFYAWK1FE stands as a reliable choice for enhancing your living or working space.Features of the Samsung AR18CVFYAWK1FE Step-Up 1.5 Ton Digital Inverter Air Conditioner include:AI Auto Cooling & Wi-Fi: Allows for intelligent cooling adjustments and remote control via Wi-Fi connectivity.Digital Inverter Boost: Ensures quick and efficient cooling while optimizing energy consumption.DuraFin™ Plus (Copper Condenser): Enhances durability and improves heat transfer efficiency for long-lasting performance.Fast Cooling: Rapidly cools down the room for immediate comfort.Copper Anti-bacterial Filter: Captures and eliminates harmful particles, ensuring cleaner air.3-step Auto Clean: Simplifies maintenance by automatically cleaning the unit, preventing mold and bacteria buildup.Smart control with touch or voice: Provides convenient control options for managing the air conditioner.Energy Efficiency: Achieves an EER of 3.26 W/W and an ISEER of 3.24, with a 1.5 Star Energy Star Rating.Quiet Operation: Operates with low noise levels indoors and outdoors, ensuring minimal disruption.SmartThings App Support: Compatible with the SmartThings app for seamless integration into smart home setups.Operating Modes: Includes Auto Mode, Fast Cool, Good Sleep, Eco Mode, Dehumidification, Fan Mode, and Quiet Mode for versatile performance.Auto Restart: Automatically resumes previous settings after a power outage.Physical Specifications: Features compact dimensions and manageable weights for easy installation.Air Purification: Utilizes a Copper Anti-bacterial Filter and Auto Clean function for improved indoor air quality.Wi-Fi Embedded: Built-in Wi-Fi capability enables remote control and monitoring via smartphones or tablets... Midea MCM-36CRN1 3 Ton Cassette Type Air ConditionerThe Midea MCM-36CRN1 3 Ton Cassette Type Air Conditioner is a powerhouse of cooling technology, delivering exceptional performance and efficiency to create a comfortable living or working environment. Boasting the renowned Midea brand, this cassette air conditioner is a testament to innovation and reliability. With a cooling capacity of 36000 BTU per hour, this unit is designed to cover a substantial area ranging from 320 to 400 square feet. The High-Density Filter ensures the air circulating in your space is not only cool but also clean, capturing dust and particles effectively. The 560° Air Flow Panel enhances the cooling experience by providing a widespread and even distribution of air, maintaining a consistent and pleasant temperature throughout the designated area. Equipped with a super energy-saving feature, the Midea MCM-36CRN1 is not only powerful but also environmentally conscious. This makes it an excellent choice for those who prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. The auto fan speed and sleep mode further contribute to energy conservation, adjusting the performance based on the cooling needs and ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment during the night. The convenience of the wireless control adds a modern touch to your air conditioning experience. The remote control, featuring a lighted screen, allows you to effortlessly manage the settings from a distance. The digital temperature control ensures precision in adjusting the temperature according to your preferences, providing a customized and personalized cooling experience. The Midea MCM-36CRN1 is not just about functionality; it's also designed with aesthetics in mind. The super-slender design and easy-to-clean lifting panel make maintenance a breeze, ensuring that your air conditioner not only performs optimally but also looks sleek and sophisticated in any setting. Additional features like 3D airflow, auto mode & auto swing, LED display, and independent vane control further enhance the versatility of this cassette type air conditioner. Whether you're looking for powerful cooling, energy efficiency, or modern convenience, the Midea MCM-36CRN1 3 Ton Cassette Type Air Conditioner delivers on all fronts, making it a top-tier choice for your cooling needs.Here is a features list for the Midea MCM-36CRN1 3 Ton Cassette Type Air Conditioner:Powerful Cooling: With a cooling capacity of 36000 BTU per hour, this air conditioner is designed to efficiently cool large spaces.Cassette AC Type: The unit is a ceiling-type cassette air conditioner, providing a discreet and space-saving cooling solution.Wide Coverage: Suitable for areas ranging from 320 to 400 square feet, ensuring comprehensive cooling for various room sizes.High Density Filter: The integrated high-density filter captures dust and particles, improving indoor air quality.Auto Fan Speed: The fan speed is adjustable automatically based on the cooling requirements, optimizing energy efficiency.560° Air Flow Panel: Enhances cooling performance by distributing air in a 560-degree pattern, ensuring even and widespread airflow.Wireless Control: The air conditioner can be conveniently controlled wirelessly, adding a modern touch to user experience.Digital Temperature Control: Allows precise temperature adjustments for personalized comfort.Super Energy Saving: A feature designed to promote energy efficiency, making the air conditioner environmentally friendly and cost-effective.3D Air Flow: Utilizes 3D airflow technology for improved air circulation and distribution.Auto Mode & Auto Swing: The air conditioner features an auto mode for automatic cooling adjustments and an auto swing function for distributing air evenly.Remote Control with Lighted Screen: The included remote control allows users to manage settings from a distance, and the lighted screen ensures visibility in various lighting conditions.Timer Function: A timer allows users to schedule the on/off operation of the air conditioner, providing additional convenience and energy savings.Super-Slender Design: The unit is designed with a super-slender profile, contributing to a sleek and sophisticated appearance.Easy-to-Clean Lifting Panel: Simplifies maintenance by facilitating easy cleaning of the lifting panel, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.Independent Vane Control: Users can control the direction of the airflow independently for customized cooling.LED Display: The LED display provides clear and easy-to-read information about the current settings and operating status.Auto On/Off: The auto on/off function adds to the convenience by automatically starting or stopping the air conditioner based on set parameters... Gree GS-24XPUV32 2 Ton Split Inverter Air ConditionerThe Gree GS-24XPUV32 2 Ton Split Inverter Air Conditioner features a capacity of 24,000 BTU/Hr and it can cover an area of up to 240 sqft. It offers efficient cold plasma to make breathing cleaner. It comes with a fully closed air guide louver & top-mounted filter. This AC features an auto-clean function that will prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating the moisture inside the indoor unit. Your indoor unit evaporates the moisture inside of the unit. Activate this function to provide you with more clean and healthier air. The Gree GS-24XPUV32 has the "I Feel" feature that incorporates two temperature sensors, one on the unit and the other on the remote handset. In this mode, the indoor blower in an AC runs for a few minutes even after the air conditioner is switched off. This helps keep the indoor coil dry and prevents dust or mold accumulation. It can reduce energy loss and defrost time by only defrosting when needed instead of by a set timer. The sleep mode on an air conditioner is designed so as to give you comfort during your sleep by increasing the temperature every hour as you require less cooling while asleep as your body gets cold. It offers comfortable airflow and a wide air supply while having a quiet design. The AC is featured with Ai intelligent control. It has a WiFi remote control for long-distance control of the unit for on and off, temperature and fan speed, etc. with a mobile phone WiFi. The Gree GS-24XPUV32 comes with 5 Year Compressor Warranty.Here are some key features of the Gree GS-24XPUV32 Pular Split Type Inverter (2.0 TON) Air Conditioner:Efficient Cold Plasma Technology: Ensures cleaner breathing by purifying the air.Fully Closed Air Guide Louver & Top-Mounted Filter: Enhances air quality by filtering out particles.Auto Clean Function: Automatically cleans the unit when turned off, preventing bacteria and mildew growth.Comfortable Airflow & Wide Air Supply: Provides optimal airflow for a comfortable environment.Quiet Design: Operates quietly for minimal disruption.Ai Intelligent Control: Offers WiFi remote control for long-distance operation via mobile phone.ARCTIC COOL Technology: Provides rapid cooling down to 16°C with copper evaporator coils for faster cooling.I-SENSE Technology: Features dual temperature sensors for precise comfort adjustment in large rooms.Air-Purification Filters: Utilizes Silver Ion and Anti-dust filters with hydrophobic coating for enhanced air purification.Triple Protector Plus Technology: Ensures durability and longevity, even in challenging environments.Good Sleep Mode: Creates an optimal climate for a restful night's sleep by adjusting temperature and moisture levels.5-Year Warranty on Compressor: Offers long-term assurance and coverage for the compressor...

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