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BenQ RM8603 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel/Smart Board

BenQ RM8603 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel/Smart Board
BenQ RM8603 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel/Smart Board
  • 86 inch 4K UHD screen with built-in speakers and mics
  • Protect students' health with the Germ-resistant screen and pen
  • Boost student engagement with built-in tools
  • Stock: Upcoming
  • Manufacture: BenQ
  • Model: RM8603 Interactive Flat Panel
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BenQ RM8603 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel/Smart Board

Masterfully designed

Excite and inspire your students through immersive hands-on lessons while protecting their health—all on one interactive display.

Defend against the spread of germs

Reduce surface transmission in the classroom with ClassroomCare® germ-resistant screens. The touchscreen is made with a TÜV-certified nano-ionic silver formula that is 99.9% effective against common germs.

All-around protection

Since pens are often shared, they become potential vectors of germs. The RM03 is the only interactive display that comes with germ-resistant pens for extended protection.

Enhanced eye comfort

RM03 displays come with a low blue light filter and flicker-free technology for reduced eye strain and a comfortable viewing experience. Anti-glare screens additionally ensure that display content is seen clearly from anywhere in the classroom.

Teach your way

Give lessons and manage classes the way you’re used to with the BenQ Board Master. Share your laptop screen and control it from the BenQ Board or use the many built-in features. Access your files on the cloud and enjoy a wide range of dynamic teaching tools.

More than just a whiteboard

Teach using EZWrite, a powerful and intuitive whiteboard packed with educational features. Double teaching efficiency by having supporting content from the internet on the side. EZWrite lets you save whiteboard sessions to continue lessons at a later time.

Streamline class management

With Google Classroom integration, you can easily import lesson materials and invite students to the EZWrite Web whiteboard. Post announcements and homework to the Stream for your class right from the BenQ Board.

Annotate anywhere

The built-in Floating Tool lets teachers write on top of any app, website, document, or image. Annotate over content displayed from any connected Windows, Mac, iOS, iPad OS, Android, or Chrome OS device.

Teach freely

Enjoy the flexibility of teaching from anywhere in the room. With InstaShare 2, you can easily share your laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen onto the BenQ Board. Control your device right from the display to navigate lesson material without having to go back and forth.

A more flexible teaching experience

Everything you need to give immersive lessons is already built in. Teach from anywhere in the classroom without external devices or additional software.

Maximize student participation

Classes have never been more fun. Whether you're teaching in person or holding a hybrid class, keep your students engaged with a wide variety of teaching tools that encourage active participation from wherever they are.

Engagement on the BenQ Board

The 4K UHD RM03 offers a smooth and intuitive writing experience that allows multiple students to interact with the BenQ Board at any time. With the EZWrite whiteboard, you can make use of fun classroom tools like Team Post for more engaging lessons.

Engagement from their seats

Empower students to participate from their seats. With InstaShare 2, students can simultaneously cast their screens onto the BenQ Board. You can also add an element of fun by using Kahoot! to play in-class games.

Teach anywhere

Give lessons in any distance learning environment with the EZWrite cloud whiteboard. Interact with your students on the same whiteboard in real time from different locations.

Learn anywhere

Always be ready to learn from home or invite a remote speaker. With a slot-in PC or the InstaShare Button, the BenQ Board Master is compatible with leading video conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

Tools for IT and admin staff

BenQ Boards make display management simple so you can focus on what matters.

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What is the price of BenQ RM8603 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel/Smart Board in Bangladesh?

The BenQ RM8603 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel/Smart Board is Upcoming now. You can buy the BenQ RM8603 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel/Smart Board at the best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms When the product is available.