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Headphones Price In Bangladesh 2022

Headphones Are A Pair Of Small Loudspeaker Drivers Worn On Or Around The Head Over A User's Ears. They Are Electroacoustic Transducers, Which Convert An Electrical Signal To A Corresponding Sound. Headphones Let A Single User Listen To An Audio Source Privately, In Contrast To A Loudspeaker, Which Emits Sound Into The Open Air For Anyone Nearby To Hear. Headphones Are Also Known As Earspeakers, Earphones Or, Colloquially, Cans.Circumaural And Supra-Aural Headphones Use A Band Over The Top Of The Head To Hold The Speakers In Place. Another Type, Known As Earbuds Or Earpieces Consist Of Individual Units That Plug Into The User's Ear Canal. A Third Type Are Bone Conduction Headphones, Which Typically Wrap Around The Back Of The Head And Rest In Front Of The Ear Canal, Leaving The Ear Canal Open. In The Context Of Telecommunication, A Headset Is A Combination Of Headphone.

MAONO AU-MH601 DJ Studio Monitor Headphones with 50mm DriverHI-FI SOUND UPGRADED DJ studio headphones MAONO MH601 is a built-in 50mm large aperture driver, which can bring you better listening enjoyment. Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deeper, accurater bass response..
Ex Tax:3,600৳
Studio Monitor Headphones Over Ear for Recording MAONO AU-MH50150mm driver for superior sound50mm large speaker unit driver for clear sound and supreme comfort, powerful bass, high resolution, and crisp high tones make monitor headphones a perfect hi-fi soundExcellent sound isolationCircumaural and ..
Ex Tax:3,000৳
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